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Take Shelter Movie

Directed By : Jeff Nichols

Release Date : 30, September 2011 USA

Genere : Drama

StarsMichael Shannon, Jessica Chastain and Shea Whigham
Plot :- Take Shelter is upcoming 2011 Drama movie directed by Mark Mylod's. The movie is scheduled on 30 September in USA theaters. The story of take shelter movie is about Curtis LaForche, who reside in small town with his wife Samantha and daughter Hannah. He was poor and so for he need to do constant struggle for his daughter education and health care. But he and his family was very happy one. Then soon Curtis begin dream about an apocalyptic storm. But it result continue strain on his marriage life or family. Take Shelter movie story are interesting and enjoyable. So, here I would like to recommend you to go watch take shelter online teaser trailer. If you want to watch full take shelter movie, then you first need to get download take shelter movie in original DVD format after it's the movie release on 30 September 2011 in USA theaters. At this time you can only watch take shelter movie trailer. You can also get take shelter movie in your Ipod to watch it with divx quality during the process of take shelter download and that's after it's premiere. So Go get download take shelter movie.

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