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Big Miracle Movie

Directed By :- Ken Kwapis

Writers :- Michael Begler-(screenplay), & Jack Amiel-(screenplay)

Release Date : 3 February 2012 (USA)

Genre :- Romance & Drama

Stars :- Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, Ahmaogak Sweeney, John Pingayak, Andrew Daly, Jeffrey Evan, Randy Eledge, Tim Blake Nelson, Ishmael Angalook Hope, Thomas R. Daly, Drew Barrymore, & Thom Van Dorp

Big Miracle Movie Plot :- Big Miracle is upcoming 2012 releasing romance and drama movie directored by Ken Kwapis. The movie story established from a book named Freeing the Whales writtne by Tom Rose. The story procedure of Big Miracle movie set in small town of Alaska. where a nonprofit news worker and a government worker spark romantically. Aid worker enlist her girlfriend, as a Greenpeace volunteer and they both work together in order to save three California gray whales family member, who has trapped in the rapidly forming ice hole in Arctic. It was just a shorten review of Big Miracle movie. you can go watch Big Miracle online teaser video. I am sure, you will find it interesting and get keen to watch full Big Miracle movie after enjoy it's visible trailer video. But to enjoy full Big Miracle film story and enjoy romantics stuffs, you need to get download Big Miracle movie after it's scheduled in USA theaters on 3 February. You can also restore Big Miracle movie collection in DVD, after burn downloaded video file of Big Miracle film. You will too get the option to install Big Miracle movie in your Ipod to watch it with Divx/HD quality after Big Miracle download.

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