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Watch The Decoy Bride Online | Download The Decoy Bride Movie

Watch The Decoy Bride 2011 film online

The Decoy Bride Movie

Directed By :- Sheree Folkson

Writers :- Sally Phillips

Release Date : 9 March 2012 (USA)

Genre :- Comedy & Drama

Stars :- Dylan Moran, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Urie, David Tennant, Sally Phillips, Alice Eve, Ben Addis, Maureen Beattie, Samuel Roukin, Alex Childs, Federico Castelluccio, Hamish Clark, Robert Fyfe, James Fleet & Vivienne Harvey

The Decoy Bride Movie Plot :- The Decoy Bride is 2011 released comedy drama film, which is going to be re-release in USA theaters on 9th March 2012. The Decoy Bride movie story is about a the wedding of most famous film star Lara Tyler, who want to marry with her fiance writer James Arber and for that they escape from the tiny Scottish island and decide to relocate the wedding event in peaceful place, where the world’s press won’t find them. But Lara becomes upset and runs away, when paparazzi finds them. Now In desperation, Lara management team decided to stage a fake wedding with the hoping of paparazzi will leave the island after a wedding event. So, Steve Korbitz hire a local girl Katie, who is recruited to pretend to be Lara. But now James was sure that Lara is his true love. The Decoy Bride movie is interesting comedy feature film and here i will recommend you to go watch The Decoy Bride online teaser trailer. I am sure, you will like this movie and get keen to watch full The Decoy Bride movie. But for that you either go for get download The Decoy Bride movie or subscribe to watch The Decoy Bride online streaming, and that's after it's schedule in USA theaters on 9 March 2012. You can restore The Decoy Bride movie collection in your DVD, after burn downloaded video file of The Decoy Bride movie. You will too get the option to install The Decoy Bride movie in your Ipod to watch it with Divx/HD quality but only after The Decoy Bride download.

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