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Watch John Carter Online | Download John Carter Movie

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John Carter Movie

Directed By :- Andrew Stanton

Writers :- Mark Andrews-(screenplay) & Andrew Stanton-(screenplay)

Release Date : 9 March 2012 (USA), (UK) & (CA)

Genre :- Fantasy, Adventure & Action

Stars :- Samantha Morton, Taylor Kitsch, Mark Strong, Lynn Collins, CiarĂ¡n Hinds, Willem Dafoe, James Purefoy, Daryl Sabara, Pippa Nixon, Thomas Haden Church, Dominic West, Polly Walker, Bryan Cranston, Arkie Reece & Davood Ghadami

John Carter Movie Plot :- John Carter is 2012 releasing Adventure, fantasy and Action movie, Directed by Academy Award winner filmmaker Andrew Stanton. The story of John Carter movie based on Novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs "A Princess of Mars", which originally featured on the hero John Carter, who is a former military captain and war-weary. John Carter sweep awesome action, adventure and fantasy stuffs in this movie, which set on an exotic and mysterious planet of Mars. John incomprehensible send at that mysterious place, in order to encounter a princess Dejah Thori, who've desperate need of a savior. John Carter movie is an awesome adventure and action film, And also served as inspiration for lot of filmmakers. So, here i will recommend you to go watch John Carter online teaser trailer. I am sure, you will like this movie and get keen to watch full John Carter movie. But for that you either go for get download John Carter movie or subscribe to watch John Carter online streaming, and that's after it's schedule in USA theaters on 9 March 2012. You can restore John Carter movie collection in your DVD, after burn downloaded file of John Carter movie. You will too get the option to install John Carter movie in your Ipod to watch it with Divx/HD quality but only after John Carter download.

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