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Brave 2012 film

Brave 2012 Movie

Directed By :- Brenda Chapman & Mark Andrews

Release Date : 22 June 2012 (USA)

Genre :- Adventure, Comedy, Action, Animation, Family & Fantasy

Writer :- Steve Purcell-(screenplay) & Mark Andrews-(screenplay)

Stars :- Kelly Macdonald, Robbie Coltrane, Steven Cree, Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Callum O'Neill, Billy Connolly, Eilidh Fraser, Julie Walters, Steve Purcell, Sally Kinghorn, Patrick Doyle, Craig Ferguson , Peigi Barker & John Ratzenberger

Brave Movie Plot :- Brave is upcoming releasing 2012 animation, action, comedy and adventure movie about Princess Merida, who is a skilled archer and hotheaded daughter of Queen Elinor and King Fergus. She determined to carve her own path in life. Therefore, she dares an old age custom sanctified to the hilarious lords of the land with surly Lord Macintosh, massive Lord MacGuffin and cantankerous Lord Dingwall, which brings chaos to her kingdom. There is pretty interesting action, adventure, and comedy stuffs/scenes in Brave movie story. So, here I will recommend you to don't miss Brave movie. You can go Watch Brave online trailer. I am sure, you will like it and get keen to Watch full Brave movie. But for that you go for subscribe to Download Brave movie or Watch Brave online, that's after it's schedule in USA theaters on 22nd June 2012. You can also get the option to install Brave movie in your Ipad or Ipod to watch it with DivX quality after the process of Brave download on it's premiere.

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